GPS Surveys

Through the use of satellite positioning and the latest surveying technology, 3 Point Surveys Ltd can provide coordinate data from the Ordnance Survey active GPS network, global WGS84 system, or to a local grid. Using RTK surveying techniques we are able to obtain accurate OS grid coordinates and levels.

Ordnance Survey benchmarks are no longer supported as a reliable height reference, using GPS may be the only way to establish OS height information on your site. Our accurate surveys show physical features on the ground and can be linked to any asset data or related information with OS coordinates. GPS can help provide you with a solution for many aspects of your topographical survey requirements with applications including:

  • High order control networks
  • Greenfield and brownfield sites
  • River cross sections
  • Route surveys
  • Volumetric surveys
  • Quarry surveys
  • Borehole location
  • Height control
  • Setting out
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