Engineering Surveys

3 Point Surveys Ltd have vast experience in engineering surveying and we use the latest technology available to provide you with an accurate and cost effective service. All of our surveyors have the appropriate CSCS cards, ensuring access to all sites.

Setting Out

As a follow on service from our topographical surveys we can provide you with a setting out service. We provide you with the highest level of accuracy using high specification survey equipment and total stations. We insist on only well experienced surveyors to carry out these works, as accuracy and the ability to work with design drawings are vital.

Volumetric Surveys

For any project requiring a calculation of earthworks volumes, 3D digital terrain models can be created from survey data in order to provide accurate cut/fill balancing. We provide data in the form of section and profile drawings and spreadsheet reports. When integrated with design detail, our drawings show areas of cut and fill which will give a better interpretation of the earthwork project.


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